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Competitive Sport

Competitive School Sport plays a key role in the sporting pathway, connecting curricular and extracurricular opportunities with local, regional, club sport and Governing Body events. Furthermore, appropriate competition supports learning and enhances opportunities to inspire, compete and perform.

South Ayrshire, Intra School, Inter School, Local, Regional and National Competition Opportunities.

For further information on this sport please contact competivesport@south-ayrshire.gov.uk or call 01292 294191

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🙌 Workforce Wednesday 🙌

How amazing do the Leadership Academy look in their new T-Shirts?

Over the summer break they will all take part in further training and begin some of their @SportsLeaders qualifications as well as helping out at our summer programme ☀️😎
#People https://t.co/kGste8k6ko
We have loved having schools back at our Competitive Sport Events this term!

5 Events Delivered✅
Over 600 Pupils ✅
35 Schools involved ✅
4 Club Ready Clubs supported ✅

Lots to look forward to next year!!

#BuildingStrongCommunities #partnerships https://t.co/DjLawtdboD