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Active South Ayrshire

Our Health & Wellbeing team provides opportunities to the people of South Ayrshire to take part in a range of sport & physical activity.

Aiming to provide free opportunities for children to participate in school sport and physical activity across 50 South Ayrshire schools. 

Pupils involved in extra-curricular in 2022/23

Number of Extra-Curricular Sessions in 2022/23

Number of volunteers delivering Active Schools sessions


Our aim is to increase the opportunities for children and young people to get active and stay active through a range of innovative and exciting projects.


There are 8 secondary schools, 40 primary schools, and 2 additional support needs schools managed by South Ayrshire Council.

School Sport

Find out more about the opportunities within school and competitive school sport in South Ayrshire.


Volunteers and coaches play a vital role in the delivery of our sessions within our Active Schools & Active Communities programmes as well as helping deliver within our local clubs.


South Ayrshire Active Schools offer a variety of leadership programmes for pupils from P7-S6. Our Leadership programmes have been key to increasing the capacity for delivery of a number of programmes within schools and local communities.

Active Schools creates opportunities for children and young people to participate in sport and physical activity before and after school, during lunch time and at weekends.

For further information, please contact active.schools@south-ayrshire.gov.uk or call 01292 294191