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The Sports Awards are an opportunity to highlight and recognise both junior and senior sporting achievements, and the invaluable voluntary contribution from parents, pupils, coaches, athletes and officials in schools and communities across South Ayrshire.

The nominations for the Spirit of Sport 2021 are open!

This year the Health and Well Being Awards will take a different focus. With a year that has been extremely difficult we are looking to recognise and highlight clubs and individuals who have made a positive impact in their community.

This year there will be no winners as we feel that everyone who has made a difference should be recognised.

There is some wonderful work being done across the whole of South Ayrshire and we would like to capture some of the work being done and activities that are taking place. Please get in touch to discuss anyone you feel deserving to be recognised. You can do this by completing the nomination form or alternatively you can contact Julie Nainby on 01292612780 if you wish to submit your nomination over the phone.

For further information please email CoachingAndVolunteering@south-ayrshire.gov.uk or call 01292 294191