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Volunteering can be a rewarding activity which helps you to meet new people and take on new challenges through roles such as coaching or administration.

You will be able to find information on becoming a volunteer and the processes involved with that through this section.

Benefits of Volunteering

There are many reasons to volunteer in sport – volunteers make sport happen and create the next generation of sporting stars. You could be giving back but you’ll also be helping make sport happen, without people like you, sport would not happen!

Coach Education

Offering a range of coach education opportunities to our volunteers such as national governing body sports specific courses, first aid, safeguarding and protecting children, and a selection of CLPL opportunities for school staff.

Volunteering Opportunities

Within South Ayrshire we can support volunteers who wish to become involved within:
South Ayrshire Health and Wellbeing Team
Community Sports Hubs

Volunteer Portal

Sign up online to view our current volunteering opportunities with South Ayrshire.

For further information please email CoachingAndVolunteering@south-ayrshire.gov.uk or call 01292 294191