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South Ayrshire Active Schools offer a variety of leadership programmes for pupils from P7-S6.

The South Ayrshire Active Schools Leadership Academy is an exciting programme which provides young people with the opportunity to become young leaders in sport and physical activity.

The South Ayrshire Active Schools Leadership Academy incorporates coach education, employability skills, marketing and event planning by providing young people with training, mentoring and qualifications. The Leadership Academy will allow participants to gain valuable experiences in a variety of areas such as; sport and dance leadership, becoming a decision maker, competition organiser and technical official. The Leadership Academy can help boost your CV as well as developing key transferable skills such as confidence, communication, responsibility and organisation as well as supporting the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

As part of the Leadership Academy, you will be able to volunteer with various Active Schools programmes, Duke of Edinburgh and accredited South Ayrshire Council Club Ready Sports Clubs which will provide you with a range of experiences in sport and dance leadership, event & competition planning and sport and physical activity promotion.

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