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Changing Lives through Sport and Physical Activity

Sportscotland, Scottish Government, The Robertson Trust and Spirit of 2012 are working together with local authorities to deliver a programme of support and funding.

We want our clubs and organisations to use sport and physical activity as a driver to achieve positive individual and community change.


The ‘Changing Lives’ approach uses sport and physical activity to intentionally bring about positive changes for people, which delivers against the six Active Scotland outcomes as well as wider outcomes such as health, education, environment, and transport. We are committed to embedding a ‘Changing Lives’ approach within our Sport for Life aspirations and ultimately Scotland’s sporting system.


To attend our Changing Lives workshops which are listed below and access a programme of support and funding sign up here

Psychology of Sport

  • Building and maintaining motivation
  • Coping with pressure and stress

Understanding Talent

  • The key aspects and implications of physical suitability
  • Understand what is meant by the development process
  • How beliefs shape performance and what this looks like in practice

Level the Playing Field Workshop

Attending this workshop will allow you to apply for funding of up to £2000 to support your project

The 4 key themes of Changing Lives are…

Sport for…


Where people experience:

  • no barriers to accessing sport or physical activity
  • more equality in society
  • improved relationships for people with different characteristics
  • opportunities for those who are inactive to become and stay active

Health & Wellbeing

Where people:

  • enjoy better physical & mental health
  • engage in positive & healthier behaviours and choices
  • recover from illness more effectively
  • are happier & more confident


Where people in communities:

  • feel safer
  • are better connected and more socially cohesive
  • have improved family relationships
  • engage positively with their environment


Where people:

  • better develop their skills for life, learning and work
  • have an improved learning experience & attainment at school
  • are more able to progress into learning, training, volunteering or employment
  • can make positive choices in life

For more information on anything to do with the Community Sport Hubs please email clubready@south-ayrshire.gov.uk or call 01292 612868.