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Talented Athlete

The Talented Athlete programme will enable our elite athletes the opportunity to access a range of support in their journey to excellence.

Apply for Talented Athlete Programme

Apply for Talented Athlete Workshops


  • Participation in a sport recognised by Sportscotland
  • British Senior/Junior Internationalist or British Senior/Junior Champion in the year of application; OR
  • cottish Senior/Junior Internationalist or Scottish Senior/Junior Champion in the year of application; OR
  • National Squad Member who has not yet received full representative status


    Psychology of Sport

    • Building and maintaining motivation
    • Coping with pressure and stress

    Understanding Talent

    • The key aspects and implications of physical suitability
    • Understand what is meant by the development process
    • How beliefs shape performance and what this looks like in practice

    Support Available

    • A one-off sum of up to £200 towards the cost of attendance at regional / national training camps or competitions.
    • A South Ayrshire Membership Card offering membership to their nearest South Ayrshire Council gym.
    • A sport specific strength & Conditioning programme reviewed every 4 weeks.
    • Access to a range of talented athlete workshops.

    For more information on anything to do with the Community Sport Hubs please email clubready@south-ayrshire.gov.uk or call 01292 294191.