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Club Development

If your club is affiliated to the SA Club Ready scheme then members can attend these workshops designed to support the development of your Club. Places may be limited to two people per club for each course.


How to write funding applications

  • The changing look of funding applications in sport
  • The themes to hit to unlock funding
  • Models to support your application
  • Bring a live example to life

Demonstrating Impact

  • Why is it important to measure impact?

  • What your organisation wishes to measure

  • Local issues to make impact

  • Models to demonstrate impact

  • Bring a live example to life


  • The pros and cons of each option available
  • Why become a charity?
  • The journey to becoming a charity
  • Bring a live example to life

Making a Social Impact Through Sport

  • Introducing a social impact approach to sport
  • Understanding the social enterprising approach through sport
  • Things to do to start with
  • Bringing to life several examples

Financial Planning and Innovative Income

In this workshop you will cover cashflow forecasting/budgeting and look at different ways of generating additional income.

For more information on anything to do with the Community Sport Hubs please email clubready@south-ayrshire.gov.uk or call 01292 612868.