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Club Ready

South Ayrshire Club Ready is an accreditation award scheme designed to recognise and support the work of clubs and sporting organisations that have a desire to be the very best they can be. The scheme helps clubs to improve and is a good indication to parents and participants that the club is safe, fun and a good place to participate in sport. The scheme has 2 award levels SA Club Ready and SA Club Ready Gold.

We Do

Community Sport Hubs
Link with your local Community Sports Hub where a range of local clubs and partners discuss ways of working together to benefit everyone in the community.

Coach Education
Free places on South Ayrshire Council courses including Emergency First Aid and Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport.

Talented Athlete
Access to the South Ayrshire Council’s talented athlete scheme for qualifying members of your club. Benefits include free access to SAC Gym’s and grants for those representing Scotland/GB.

Club Development
Offer a range of sport related workshops that are designed to help with the development of your club.

Changing Lives
Provide clubs the opportunity to attend one of the changing lives workshops and apply for funding and support to assist with the development of the workshop theme.

Create links with your local ASC for opportunities to deliver activities and promote your club in your local schools.

Opportunities to link with South Ayrshire’s Competitive Sport programme.

Promotion of your club on our website and social media.

You Do

Club Ready Accreditation
Complete and return the relevant paperwork to achieve South Ayrshire Council’s “Club Ready” club accreditation. Clubs £30 / Individuals £15.

Provide annual membership and coaching data for your club to the Community Sports Hub Officer.

South Ayrshire Sports Awards
Nominate at least one coach, official, volunteer or athlete within one of the annual South Ayrshire Sports Awards categories.

Club Ready Gold
To achieve Club Ready Gold status clubs are required produce a development plan and be affiliated to their National Governing Body.

Club Development
Attend a minimum of one Club Development workshop throughout the year. Mentoring Provide placement opportunities for developing coaches.

Mental Health
Sign up to Scotland’s mental health charter for physical activity and sport.

COVID19 Training
Club must have identified a COVID19 officer and attended relevant training.

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Team of three cyclist competing in a race

For more information on anything to do with the Community Sport Hubs please email clubready@south-ayrshire.gov.uk or call 01292 612868.