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Leadership Opportunities. Statistics supplied by ASMO. These relate to Term 1 and Term 2.


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Dance Leader

Pupils from S3- S6 have the opportunity to be part of the Dance Leader programme through the delivery of our Dance Leader workshops that take place during curricular time within the school. Selected pupils are invited to take part in the Dance Leader programme which helps them develop their coaching ability, knowledge and are qualified at a National 5 level completing a Sports Leader UK Dance leader SCQF L5 qualification. Dance Leaders have the opportunity to work in a range of schools in their local area once completing their qualification and deliver dance to P1-P7’s, they will hopefully then support their dance groups to compete in the South Ayrshire Active Schools Dance Competition.

Young Ambassador

Our Young Ambassador programme has been important to help pupils learning to promote sport through different social media channels as well as within their school. Pupils are recruited through an application process and interview for the position in S4 as a silver level Young Ambassador and continue to develop their skills through Gold level in S5 and Platinum in S6. Pupils are part of their school Sports Council and create events within the school to help promote sport and raise funds for charity events or to support their PE department.

Coaching Academy

Our coaching academy programme gives pupils in S5 and S6 the opportunity to develop quality coaching skills, access to a range of sports coaching courses from UKCC L1’s to first aid and also gives them the opportunity to gain a SCQF Level 6 Sports Leader UK qualification which is equivalent to an extra higher. They work with pupils in their local primary schools, support competitive sport in South Ayrshire and have supported past and future holiday programmes. We will be working with our new S5 coaching academy this year to make sure they understand the key parts of returning to safe sport after the COVID 19 crisis.

Sports Leaders

The Sports Leader programme has been very popular within a few of our secondary schools. We have been developing the course over the past few years and now have approx. 100 pupils completing Dance and Sports Leaders level 5 and 6. The sports leader programme requires up to 30 hours of volunteering within schools, communities, ASN and working with the elderly. Its a flexible programme which gives pupils the opportunity to gain experience in organising events, delivering within a range of primary schools, supporting competitive sporting events for younger age groups, and completing a range of coaching courses to gain better knowledge and have a higher quality of delivery.

Sports leaders have also been helping deliver transition events within their secondary schools. Transition events are important for primary 6 and 7 pupils, giving them the opportunity to get access to the PE department, meet staff and meet new pupils from their local cluster before bump up days within the schools. Sports Leaders have been organising and delivering the club for around 3 or 4 years now and we have had a steady number of pupils involved in each event.


The school has a wide range of different sports to get involved with – please see the school twitter/Instagram page for updates about as due to the current COVID 19 pandemic extra curricular is not running at the moment.

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