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Prestwick Academy pupils have the opportunity to take part in the Active Schools Leadership Programmes.

Dance Leaders are involved in the cluster primary schools during term 1. Dance leaders work with pupils P1 up to P7 with more experienced dance leaders also having the opportunity to work within the secondary school and community sessions. Dance Leaders within the Prestwick cluster help to organise the Prestwick Cluster Dance Show and train teams to take part in the South Ayrshire Dance Competition.

Netball Leaders deliver netball sessions to P5-7 pupils in the cluster schools throughout the year. Taking teams to the netball league and end of year netball tournament. The netball leaders also receive training in umpiring and gain umpiring experience at the netball league nights.

Coaching Academy is open to S5 pupils and there are always lots of applications from Prestwick Academy. Coaching Academy pupils lead sessions within the cluster schools in year one as well as supporting delivery at holiday camps in Easter and summer. Year two pupils support delivery within Prestwick Academy.

Young Ambassadors at Prestwick Academy run the school Sports Council, meeting regularly with pupils from S1-S6. They also survey the cluster school P7s to form the next years extra-curricular programme.

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