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Duty of Care.There have been positive steps taken in recent years to raise the profile of mental health within Sport and Physical Activity.

Being both physically active and playing sport can have a wide range of benefits on your overall mental health and wellbeing. It can improve a participant’s mood, concentration, self-confidence, sleeping habits, resilience, and help them make friends.

Within the South Ayrshire Health and Wellbeing team we aim to empower sport communities to improve equality and reduce discrimination, ensuring mental health and wellbeing is not a barrier to engaging, participating and achieving in physical activity and sport.

Staff for the health and wellbeing team are participating in the SAMH Virtual Stomp: 5-10 October 2020 You can now take part in our iconic stair-climbing challenge virtually anywhere! By taking on the SAMH Virtual Stomp, you can do something amazing for Scotland’s mental health. With four different levels to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect challenge for you.

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