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Carrick Cluster

Carrick Academy Leadership Programmes

Dance Leader

Active Schools delivered a dance leader workshop to 16 S3 pupils in October 2019. From the 16 leaders 12 of them went on to deliver dance to primary children weekly at Carrick Academy in 2020 . From the 12 Dance Leaders we have identified 6 who will complete the Dance Leadership qualification and deliver further dance opportunities within the cluster.

Sport Leaders

Here are 14 Sports Leaders from S4/5 at Carrick Academy. They are training to deliver curricular and extra curricular opportunities within the cluster. Before Covid-19 the Sports Leaders had delivered at various primary Schools and will continue to deliver when restrictions are eased.

Young Ambassadors

A further 3 Young Ambassadors have been identified to promote sport and physical activity opportunities within the cluster. The Young Ambassadors will inspire pupils to become physically active.

Coaching Academy

2 new pupils have been identified for the Coach Education Academy. These pupils will complete a series of qualifications such as First Aid, Child Protection and a choice of National Governing body awards. They will then deliver these Sports in primary schools and community sports clubs.

Outdoor Learning

Every Tuesday we are offering Primary School pupils the opportunity for Outdoor Learning. One of the benefits of this rural cluster is the opportunities it presents for Outdoor Education.

P7 Leadership

Pupils are undergoing our P7 Junior Coaching Academy programme which teaches basic leadership skills to enable pupils to deliver lunch clubs to the younger pupils in the School.

PE Support

We have been upskilling our Primary teaching staff giving them the skills and knowledge to deliver Physical Education in playground spaces.

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