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Coaching Academy

The Coach Education Academy programme is an educational sport qualification programme for senior pupils from all secondary schools within South Ayrshire Council.

South Ayrshire secondary schools are given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience of coaching young people.

Two S5 pupils from each school were selected to deliver within their local cluster schools, and as part of their second year placement within S6 they will work with local clubs and community programmes to gain further experience.

Year 1

In year 1, the S5 pupils gain general coaching qualifications which include; Safeguarding & Protecting Children, First Aid, Multi-Skills and Disability Awareness Training. Pupils also select two sports of their choice and gain Level 1 qualifications. After gaining these qualifications in year 1, they are then required to deliver a minimum of 10hrs within a Primary and/or Secondary School. These pupils are also working towards the Level 6 Sports Leader Award.

Year 2

In year 2, the S6 pupils go on to gain further coaching qualifications in sport. They are then required to deliver at secondary school or within a community setting.

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