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Troon Health Walk

Group of people walking
10 February 2021

As part of our ongoing partnership with Paths for All to establish and support health walks we have recently started a new health walk in Troon.

The walk is running within current covid guidelines and is open to up to 30 participants weekly on Wednesdays at 10am. Meeting point Troon Town Hall.

A weekly group health walk which lasts 1 hour. We meet at 10am on Wednesdays at the Troon Town Hall. Walks are a mix of coastal and local town and are a great way to stay connected and support physical and mental wellbeing. During the walk all participants are socially distanced and the group is led by a trained walk leader. The walk is free of charge and only track and trace details are required to attend. For more information on health walks in your areas please contact – steve.noble@south-ayrshire.gov.uk

Sessions were run following the Scottish Government guidelines.