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10 February 2021

Active Schools presented Primary Schools within the Carrick cluster an opportunity to participate in Outdoor Learning opportunities at Culzean Country Park and Maidens Beach.

Schools within the Carrick cluster were offered the opportunity for Outdoor Learning for their pupils at Culzean Country Park and Maidens Beach. Active Schools would transport and deliver activities to pupils ranging from Early Years to Primary 7. Pupils would develop their numeracy and literacy skills by exploring rock pools, writing in the sand, playing in natural areas as well learning about the tide and the environment, including dangers to sealife. We also explored the wildlife and habitat at Culzean with activities such as signs of Autumn where pupils would search for signs of various animals / items.

  • 5 Schools in the cluster are involved with the project.
  • 218 different pupils have participated in the Outdoor Learning Project.
  • 10 of these pupils are Early Years pupils from Crosshill EYC.
  • Teachers have loved the project which gives pupils the opportunities to learn outside the classroom and support their health and wellbeing outdoors.
  • 2 further schools are looking to participate in the next Outdoor Learning Project.