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Forehill Primary School

Extra Curricular Programme

Primary 1-7 pupils have many opportunities to participate in extra curricular sport and physical activity at lunch time and after school.

We have:
Sports teams that compete in local and national events
Recreational come and play sessions
Infant games clubs

Basketball JNBA last year
Forehill were selected to participate in the JNBA Basketball Project alongside 4 other local schools. The children had a great experience playing weekly matches and narrowly missed out on qualifying for the regional round.


Pupils in P6/7 have the opportunity to develop leadership skills through planning and delivering lunch activities for younger children in the school. Our Young Leaders develop confidence and communication skills, while being excellent role models.
We also support secondary age pupils and college/university students develop leadership skills by providing placement opportunities and mentoring.

Traditional Sports Programme

Primary 6 and 7 are encouraged to participate in our Transition Sports Programme which is ran in partnership with Kyle Academy’s PE Department. Monthly sessions are held at Kyle Academy, which allow Forehill PS pupils the chance to meet PE staff, Grammar PS pupils and familiarise themselves with Kyle Academy.

Working with Local Clubs

Active Schools works in partnership with local sporting clubs and organisations. Last year we invited many clubs into the school to introduce their activity to the children. We hope that by experiencing the club session at school will encourage families to then visit the club in the community.

Outdoor Learning

Orienteering sessions have been taking place in the Forehill playground during lockdown and now that the children are back at school. Primary six have been developing map reading skills which will be useful when visiting local park areas such as Castleshill Estate and Glencairn Park.

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